Your wedding vows

Your wedding vows

With all of the details surrounding the planning of a wedding, sometimes the details of the ceremony itself can get overlooked, specifically the vows.

Typically, the words that are spoken through the ceremony, including the vows, are specific to the minister that conducts your ceremony.  However, as a couple, why not choose to write the vows yourselves?

If you would like for your wedding to be truly unique to the two of you, express your love for one another in your own words.  This is your opportunity to articulate what you love about one another and what is important to you both as you begin your life together  Putting your promises on paper is an emotional eye-opening and often extremely memorable experience.  Even if you end up with very traditional sounding words.  This is your opportunity to convey to your friends, family and each other exactly what you mean to each other and the extent of the love that you share.

It is helpful if you write them together or just read them to one another before the ceremony.  It also helps if your approach is in the same lane.  In other words, it can be awkward if one of you writes two sentences and the other writes an entire page.  Or if the groom’s vows are riddled with jokes and the brides are tear-jerker emotional.  Or the other way around.  If you want to be funny, go for it but I wouldn’t suggest five minutes of stand-up if you know what I mean.

Trust me when I say you want to be on the same page.  You don’t have to write the same things, just try to do it with the same sentiment, the same approximate length, and the same amount of sincerity.

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