Say Yes to the Dress

Say Yes to the Dress

Having worked in the wedding industry for years as minister, photographer, and consultant, you would think I would be past the wedding dress obsession phase.  But no, along with my years past die-hard Twi-hard fan addiction, I think it’s time to add “Say Yes to the Dress” to my twelve step program.

Just what is it about those big poufy overly expensive blinged out dresses that make our hearts all aflutter?  Is it in our DNA?  Were we born with a dominant bride gene?  Perhaps we were bitten by the wedding bug as small children when taking that walk down the aisle as flower girls.  Or did it hit while we were dressing Ken in his tux and Barbie in her white dress?  Did we possibly watch Cinderella a few too many times?  No matter what the reason, it is apparent that most of us are completely enamored with becoming a princess for a day.

And it appears that the obsessive bride disorder follows you through life, even years after you’ve already married.  And while I know I won’t be taking the Kleinfield express anytime soon…I still hold out hope that someday my unmarried daughters will see fit to bring their wedding dress obsessed mother to the bridal salon where, if I were to resemble some of the other mothers on this show, I would sip champagne and throw my judgemental filter to the wind.

Whether they end up buying a wedding dress from Kleinfelds, Costco or the thrift store, “Say Yes to the Dress” has taught me valuable life lessons that every potential mother of the bride should learn.  Such as; never try on a dress over your budget, leave the entourage at home, keep the criticism to yourself, and if you are somewhat of a control freak, never let a reality TV show film you.

Oh yeah…always ask for Randy.

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