Cooking & Cocktails

Cooking & Cocktails

Need a new recipe or signature cocktail?  Look at our Cooking & Cocktail category where you will find delicious recipes for both!

The cooking category is personal to me (Carol) because I have yet to learn my way around a kitchen.  Embarrassing, I know.  I apparently did not inherit the cooking or baking gene from either my mother or grandmother, both exceptional cooks,  and often wondered throughout the years, if I was adopted due of my lack of skills.  Both of those women were excellent in the kitchen but unfortunately, none of their talents rubbed off on me.   Cooking takes patience for which I have none.  Cooking takes practice for which I lack due to that whole impatient thing, but I’m trying to change that and I hope you come along on my journey to becoming a better cook, baker and cocktail maker.

We will have a recipe index on the blog where, if interested in testing, you can print the recipes that I try along the way.  I’ll post pictures of my successes and my disasters and you can make all the fun you want.

Also, I don’t want to give the impression that I’m a lush with all of the cocktails I will be trying.  Unless the cocktail is exceptionally good, I typically take a few sips so I can give you a review, and then toss it or pass it on to someone who appreciates the taste of hard alcohol.  Personally, I fancy myself as more of a wine drinker :).

Please click on either dinner, desserts or cocktails in the category list to the right to find a recipe you may like, or click on Recipe Index in the top menu to go directly to all of the recipes divided into those categories.


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