It’s all in the aim

It’s all in the aim

The last time a male lived in my house was five ago.  His name was Carson and he was my dog.

Because I only raised girls, toddler boys can still remain somewhat of a mystery especially when it comes to potty training.  This morning when my two-year-old grandson shouted in a very hurried manner, “I have to go pee”,  we high tailed it to the bathroom where I was ready for him to sit on the big boy potty seat, only to have him announce “I want to stand up.”

Hmmm.  Well ok?

After taking a second to assess the height situation, it looked like standing on tippy toes was the only way there was going to be a success.  Unfortunately, before I could make any adjustments, the deed was in progress.

What started out as the take aim and fire approach quickly reverted to the unmanned out of control hose down.

It became clear that certain hand-eye coordination had yet to be developed when the shouts of “Grandma, you do it!” started.  Sorry, buddy…Grandma’s reaction time isn’t what it use to be and as a result, nothing was spared within the immediate vicinity as was observed by the little culprit as he exclaimed: ” THERE’S PEE ON MY SOCKS”!

Obviously, I underestimated the ease in which I thought this could be pulled off.

After we washed our hands and cleaned up the surrounding area, he stood there, as though assessing the situation, looked up at me and said quite matter of fact – “daddy’s taller”.

Lesson learned.

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