After spending two years…

After spending two years…

blogging about politics, I found myself needing an outlet from the dark and depressing world of Washington D.C.  and while I could have turned back to my photography career, started crafting, or taken up drinking, I instead became obsessed with Lifestyle blogs and Instagram images.   I became more and more envious of bloggers who were talking about happy things like home decor, vacations, food, and best sellers, and ultimately questioned why I was devoting myself to something that made me so crazed?

Hello, Simple Lavish.

Founder & Editor

You will come to know me as a coffee lover in an unhealthy relationship with Starbucks, photographer, political junkie, book enthusiast, occasional hot mess, wine drinker, and obvious Photoshop master as I’ve made myself look 19 years younger and 27 pounds thinner in this photo.  As for my background, I spent years in the wedding industry and left in order to pursue my love of writing and specifically fulfill my dream of writing that political blog.  Let’s just say that timing has never been my strong suit.

Which brings us to present day.  Life can be messy and unsure and I manage to stumble on my self-made crooked path more than I would like to admit.   But at the end of the day, even when left with the occasional bump or bruise,  I still find myself inspired by talented home stylists, informative books and the writers that write them, entrepreneurs, architecture, interior design, photography, powerful women and yes, weddings.

So please browse this site over a cup of coffee or better yet, a glass of wine, comment on posts or initiate discussions, ask questions, give advice, or correct me when I’m wrong.  I am truly happy you stopped by and hope you can stay awhile!

P.S.  The cooking section of this blog is purely self-indulgent.  I own thirty-eight cookbooks and sadly, I cannot cook.  My hope is, if I have to write about it, I have to cook it, therefore I have to improve upon it.  Right?

The cocktail section…well that’s just self-explanatory.  Cheers!


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