Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

While your marriage license serves as the legal record of your wedding, it will no doubt sit in a safe place, rarely looked at ever again.  However, the visual records of the day go beyond simple historical documentation.  Photographs ignite emotion and memory like few other keepsakes can.  Your wedding day photography will help you remember the beautiful hand-tied bouquet of roses you carried down the aisle, the look of nervous excitement on the flower girls face, the tears falling down the cheek of your maid of honor, and the sentiment as you danced with your father.  And while your memories will fade over time, your images will not.

Snapshots taken by your wedding guests are important but cannot compare to the once in a lifetime photos a professional photographer can capture.  The professional photos will ensure that the story of your wedding day is told through your images.  Yes, wedding photography can be a substantial part of your budget.  But twenty years from now, when you have forgotten the look that your fiance had the first moment he saw you in your wedding dress, you will pull out your wedding album and the memories of that moment will come rushing back.  In an instant, you realize that the investment was well worth it.

Aaron Siskind, a 20th century master behind the camera once said, “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything”.

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