Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint

About four years ago I became obsessed with chalk paint.  Annie Sloan chalk paint to be precise.  I started painting everything in sight from my desk to a buffet, to a cocktail bar, to my nightstands.  Primarily because it was so easy and so much fun.

About three years ago my dear friends bought a house in Mexico from their dear friend, a show producer.  It’s a beautiful oceanfront home and was just down the road from their current home which became very convenient when it came time to move!   The house came furnished but they decided to give away the majority of the furnishings and start over.

I was with them the weekend they took possession of the home and we had a great time spending a day in San Diego buying new furniture, one of my favorite things to do (especially when I’m not the one spending the money).   The only item we couldn’t find was a dining room table.  The one that was in the house, while fairly ugly, was also fairly expensive in its day.

So you can imagine how nervous I was when they asked me to paint it.

Three years later, the table looks as good as the day I painted it which amazes me as they also use this house as a vacation rental and the constant flow of humans putting drinks on this table without a coaster makes me want to cringe.

Thank you Annie Sloan at

Here is the before and after (sorry for the distortion in the first photo).




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